Handicapped Fishing Dock

Handicapped fishing docks or piers require low slope gangway or ramp entrance, ADA compatible handrails, slip-resistant surfaces, and adequate room and width for wheel chairs and turn-around.

Gangway slope is dependent on length of gangway and incline to be transversed, keeping in mind water fluctuations.  We also have ADA hinge kits that let dock owners construct any length ramp desired for a smooth transition to the ground or surface below from top of module.

Mod-U-Dock’s ADA handrails take the standard aluminum powder coated handrails one step further by adding a wheel chair curb at bottom.  ADA handrails are available upon request.

Fishing Dock with Different Rail Heights
Fishing Dock with Different Rail Heights

The 30′ x 12′ custom floating dock above was designed to provide wheelchair access to avid anglers.  Six auger pilings secure the dock and allow it to rise and fall as the water level fluctuates.  The 4′ x 8′ hinged ramp provides a smooth transition to the six foot wide main dock leading up to the platform.  Both the ramp and the dock are fitted with anodized aluminum handrails.  (Wheel chair curb available upon request.)  The handrails on the front of the dock are different heights to accommodate fishing from a wheelchair.

Mod-U-Dock offers free design consultation for developing your handicapped compatible fishing dock.  Call toll free at 877-746-7056 or email to discuss.