Modular Docks

Modudock Floating Dock Gangway
Mod-U-Dock floating dock with gangway attached to Mod-U-Dock sections at top.

Mod-U-Dock is a maintenance-free, prefabricated modular marine dock system manufactured in the US.  Designed for aesthetic appeal, these rugged, top quality boat docks are great for both residential and commercial use.  Docks come in both stationary and floating; the best dock for you is dependent on site conditions. Free design assistance is available.

Sturdy galvanized steel frames support luxurious premium decking. Dock modules are pleasant to walk on and remain cool even in intense heat. Unlike treated wood, there are no toxic chemicals in the recyclable, heavy-duty plastic decking.  Decking comes in either UV-inhibited, marine-grade PVC (solid decking) or polypropylene (open tread).

Mod-U-Dock’s solid decking is guaranteed against fading or discoloration with a lifetime residential warranty (20-year commercial). It is ADA compliant for slip resistance.

The open tread modules have an additional support in the frame that makes it even stronger. It is also lighter than the traditional solid decking, as well as slip resistant. The open tread has a residential limited lifetime warranty and 20-year commercial warranty.  Both decking styles are available in white, tan, or gray with white sides.

Dock accessories and decking are available for purchase separately from dock systems.  Contact Mod-U-Dock if you need accommodations to use with another dock system.

The docks are comprised of pre-built sections of various sizes that fit together, attached by simple brackets.  Modular construction makes installation easier.  It also helps maximize configuration possibilities for boat docks and marinas with multiple finger piers and boat slips.  This makes Mod-U-Dock great not only for private, residential docks but also for campground docks, homeowner association (HOA) and condo docks, industrial use, marinas, and parks and public/government use docks.

ACCESSORIES:  In addition to ramps and gangways, dock benches, ladders, dock boxes, solar lights, and custom shore attachments are available. Powder-coated aluminum handrails are available in standard and ADA with wheelchair curb. Mod-U-Dock offers a roof system made of UV-resistant vinyl impregnated polyester fabric. Swim enclosures and kayak docks are also available.  See Dock Accessories for more information.

DOCK KITS: Dock kits are meant as a price guide and include modules and connector brackets.  A small amount of customization is required to fit docks to individual circumstances (depths, fluctuation, shoreline conditions, etc.), but this gives a good conceptual idea of designs and costs.  Stationary docks need to be adjusted for installation depth. Floating docks include premium 12″ floats but do not include anchoring systems (pilings, cables, or anchors).  Good for lake docks, ponds, rivers, and more.

INSTALLATION:  Mod-U-Dock modular docks are designed to be easy to install and DIY friendly. Installation by section makes assembly easy for seasonal docks or permanent installation if appropriate. Basic hardware is limited to only a few types of brackets: outside corner, straight, and inside corner(s).  See additional shipping and installation information here.

KAYAK LAUNCH DOCKS:  PaddleSafe Kayak Dock designs offer basic kayak launch design options.  These basic designs can be adapted to attach on to a new or an existing dock.  Alternately, you can add pilings and a ramp and use as is.  Call or email for pricing!  (Design #3A and #4A are set for adaptive paddlers and include a gantry and lift system.)

REQUEST CATALOG:  Please email or fill out the catalog request form for more information.

REQUEST QUOTE:  Please provide basic information about your dock setting for a no-obligation drawing and quote.  Basic information needed includes water type (pond, lake, river, industrial, etc.), fluctuation, depth, and shoreline characteristics.  Fill out quote request here.

Mod-U-Dock products including marine docks, parts and accessories, and decking are available for purchase factory direct.  Dealer opportunities are also available nationwide.