Marina Boat Docks


Marina Dock
Marina Boat Dock

Mod-U-Dock is a heavy-duty boat dock with a luxurious look and feel.  It can withstand high traffic and repeated use. It is engineering certified to support 2,000 pounds per four-by-eight section, supported by four corners alone. Mod-U-Dock is used in public parks (city to national) as well as numerous home owners’ associations, campground, and industrial dock systems.

Constructed of marine grade, UV-inhibited, maintenance-free decking integrally bound on a galvanized steel frame, Mod-U-Dock is naturally boat friendly (no scratches) and resistant to impact damage. PVC post covers are also boat friendly.

Marina docks can be designed either in a floating or stationary configuration. Gangways and custom shore attachments are available. We will custom design your boat slips to your specifications, or provide recommendations based on your boat traffic, inventory, and forecasts. Mod-U-Dock is also easy to add on to in future.

Colorado Marina Installation
Colorado Marina Installation

Mod-U-Dock is quiet to walk on, and stays cool to the touch–even in extreme temperatures. It is ADA compliant for slip resistance both wet and dry. Additional ADA compliant accessories such as railing systems are also available.

Maintenance-free, Mod-U-Dock requires no painting or sealing, and won’t rot, warp, or chip. It is non-porous and easy to rinse off. Mod-U-Dock’s solid decking has a 50-year limited commercial warranty and there is a 20-year commercial warranty on open tread decking.  In addition, there are dual 15-year structural and flotation warranties.

Your marina or yacht club dock is defined by your dock system – go with the sturdy quality and longevity you want associated with your own organization’s identity. Call Mod-U-Dock toll free at 1-877-746-7056 or contact us by email at for more information, to discuss your plans, or for a free, no-obligation quote.