Federal, State, Local Parks

Mod-U-Dock is suitable for high-traffic and ADA compliant docks for government applications including municipal, county, state and federal parks, and other public uses.

Dane County Fishing Dock

A heavy-duty, rugged dock that holds up great under high use, Mod-U-Dock also looks and feels terrific. It combines a work-horse, quality structure and materials with a luxury, high-end user appeal.

Features of particular interest in government and park applications include being maintenance-free, having ADA compliance for slip resistance (ADA handrails and other items also available), and being engineering certified to hold a heavy load (2,000 pounds per 4-by-8 module when supported by corners alone). Mod-U-Dock has a 50-year commercial limited warranty on solid decking and a 20-year commercial warranty on open tread decking. There are dual 15-year structural and flotation warranties.

Installation is simple and straightforward. It can be easily accomplished by on-staff employees without special training or tools. Mod-U-Dock is available during working hours as well as evenings and weekends for installation assistance and advice. In addition, if desired we can provide onsite installation supervision or more.

Our experienced staff at Mod-U-Dock is happy to work with federal, state, or local officials to provide custom design services. Mod-U-Dock’s modular design facilitates multiple design options.  We also work off prepared bid requests, and with architects and engineers to meet specific custom standards and conditions.

Please call Mod-U-Dock toll free at 1-877-746-7056 or contact us by email at info@modudock.com for more information or to discuss your public or park dock application.