DIY Dock Kits

Platform L Stationary Dock
Platform “L” Stationary Dock

Mod-U-Dock is pleased to offer pre-packaged dock configurations or starter dock kits to take the guesswork out of your design planning. The dock kit packages come in both stationary or floating, and can be installed either right or left-handed where applicable. A small amount of customization is required to fit docks to individual circumstances (depths, etc.), but this gives a good conceptual idea of designs and costs.

See dock kit design sheet here.

DOCK KIT PRICE SHEET:  Email or fill out a catalog request for a current price sheet.  Dock kit prices include modules and connector brackets. Stationary docks need to be adjusted for installation depth. Floating docks include premium 12″ floats but do not include anchoring systems (pilings, cables, or anchors).

Mod-U-Dock’s modular design also provides nearly limitless dock design and dock building possibilities. You can customize any dock system to meet your needs, and installations can be added on to or modified for future use.

KAYAK LAUNCH DOCK KITS:  PaddleSafe Kayak Dock designs offer basic kayak launch design options.  These basic designs can be adapted to attach on to a new or an existing dock.  Alternately, you can add pilings and a ramp and use as is.  Call or email for pricing!  (Design #3A and #4A are set for adaptive paddlers and include a gantry and lift system.)

REQUEST QUOTE:  Please provide basic information about your dock setting for a no-obligation drawing and quote.  Basic information needed includes water type, fluctuation, depth, and shoreline characteristics.  Fill out quote request here.

INSTALLATION:  Mod-U-Dock modular docks are designed to be easy to install and DIY friendly for both seasonal docks and for permanent docks where appropriate. Installation by section makes assembly easy. Basic hardware is limited to only a few types of brackets: outside corner, straight, and inside corner(s).  See additional installation information here.