Floating Docks

Watsonville Floating Dock
California Floating Dock Platform, Tan Solid Decking

Floating docks are buoyant and rise and lower as the water level changes.  They are used where water fluctuations are higher, for excess muck or boggy bottom conditions, with greater depths or slope, or where desired by preference.

Mod-U-Dock floating docks use the same premier modules as the stationary docks do, but are fit with float brackets underneath. High quality commercial-standard Ace floats attach underneath.  Floats are a rotationally molded polyethylene shell filled with expanded polystyrene. They carry a 15-year warranty and have certified tank tested buoyancy ratings.

The floating modules are attached to each other using brackets on the corners.

ANCHORING:  How do you anchor a dock?  Floating docks can be anchored in a variety of ways: with gangways, hinge kits, pilings, cable, anchors, or stiff arms. The best method to use will be dependent on individual circumstances and owner preference.

Mod-U-Dock has convenient screw-in, removable pilings that work with mud, clay, or sand bottoms.  Typical pilings are 2.375” OD x .134 wall high tensile galvanized tube.  A 24″ pipe wrench can be used for the screw-in pilings.  Tops are fit with piling caps or optional telescopic piling covers.

We also have brackets to attach to existing pilings of differing sizes.

We have winch brackets that let you make adjustments from dockside.

Finally, we can work with your stiff arms or provide them.  Our adjustable stiff arms can fit a variety of circumstances and can be custom ordered.

GANGWAYS:  Gangways and gangway ramps come with handrails are typically available up to 40 feet.  Widths range from three to eight feet.  Longer lengths may be accommodated with custom design.

CUSTOM SHORE ATTACHMENTS:  Mod-U-Dock can provide custom shore attachments based on topographic features and to meet up with existing structures such as decks, stairs, etc.

WARRANTY:  Mod-U-Dock floating docks have dual 15-year structural and flotation warranties.  Solid pattern decking and siderail materials carry a lifetime limited warranty when used in a residential application and have a 50-year commercial warranty. The ss-style open tread decking has a residential lifetime limited warranty and a 20 year commercial warranty.