Swim Enclosures

Dock Swim Pool Enclosure
Swim Enclosures – Solid Decking

The Swim Enclosure is a safe, fun, and cost effective “pool” alternative that transforms the river or lakefront swimming environment. It provides an enclosed swimming area free of lake hazards with a consistent shallow depth for young campers. It eliminates the “yuck” factor by providing a solid bottom and allowing swimming without mud or seaweed. The regulated environment also mitigates fear of the unknown and is easier to supervise.

Like Mod-U-Dock dock systems, the Mod-U-Dock Swim Enclosure is ADA compliant for slip resistance and there are no exposed surface fasteners. Maintenance is minimal. It is easy to install as well as movable and expandable. And it comes with the same great warranty Mod-U-Dock is famous for, including a 50 year commercial warranty on solid decking!

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Swim Enclosure - Open Tread
Swim Enclosure – Gray Open Tread